Heritage Project

National traveling exhibition 2020

Grahame is engaging with family owned Historic Houses willing to participate in this high profile art project due to be completed in the year 2020 entitled 'The Custodians'.

The project will provide a valuable historic record delivering a visual reference archive.

The Portrait

Continuing the art of visual story weaving with inquisitive use of creativity and technique, to accentuate the characters, objects and style of this period in history with human appeal.

The assignment is also designed to raise awareness of the cultural, and economic contribution of Englands' heritage to benefit visitor numbers attracting interest from all quarters of modern society. The portraits will include an aspect of the fabric of the related building, mirroring traditional artistic renditions as commissioned by their ancestors on canvas. For example Thomas Gainsborough and Joshua Reynolds who recorded permanent, imaginative visual memories of the era using materials of the period. The portraits will be photographed with a Hasselblad camera using silver halide film to establish the correct ‘feel’ to the image. The portraits will also be made digitally using a Hasselblad digital camera. The final reproductions will be created using modern photographic paper printed to the highest quality. The exhibits will be mounted and displayed appropriately with a mixture of traditional and modern frames to form the exhibition.

The portraits will be exhibited in relevant Stately Homes open to the general public, achieving awareness to reflect the importance of the continuation and retention of English heritage. The exhibition will help promote cultural education for the viewer, potentially generating tourism revenue to support the conservation of Stately Homes of England. Travelling around the country, the exhibition will be accompanied by an informative and educational lecture on the cultural, historic and financial value of retaining the estates heritage in England. Also, in selected houses, there will be a musical performance by a classical singer enhancing the exhibition experience. There is potential to help provide financial support through tourist spend for the continued maintenance of the properties whilst enhancing the visitor experience.

There is also scope for saleable publications with agreeable partners. Appropriate lectures for cultural education on the subject will interest all genres and nationalities. The use of artistic photographic portraits of the present incumbents will complement the existing displayed works of art of past residents and their families. The final exhibition will achieve a permanent record of the present generations’ custodial duties. Delivering visual inspiration to the viewer will help safeguard the fabric of the country’s living history, ensuring the welfare and longevity of England’s precious Stately Homes.